5 Reasons to Join Toastmasters

1. You interact with the community.

When you come to a Toastmasters meeting, you have the opportunity to interact and network with several different people. They range from all different walks of life and backgrounds, and all of them have information and experience to share. With your involvement, you will not only make progress as a public speaking, but also as a member of your community. It also presents itself as an opportunity for networking for your business.

2. You will have personal growth.

Learning a new skill, or enhancing an older one, all lead to better learning about you as an individual. Toastmasters provides a unique medium to express yourself and your ideas, hopes, and thoughts. It presents you with the opportunity to learn how to be a better communicator, a trait that any job or career can benefit from, and also gives a chance of fellowship along the way.

3. It looks good on a resume.

When you complete your Competent Communicators manual, you can choose to have Toastmasters send a letter to your workplace, saying the feat you have accomplished. Toastmasters is an international organization, with charters throughout the world. It also shows that you have had training as a communicator, an invaluable skill in today’s workplace.

4. It’s fun!

This may be an obvious one, but at Toastmasters, while growth and learning are important, so is having fun. We have a wide variety of ways to contribute to a meeting, even if you are not the speaker or Toastmaster, and each member and new member brings their own personality and touch. So, it’s not unlikely that you may be having a serious moment during your speech, and then a few moments later have the room laughing due to someone giving a humorous table topic.

5. It enables you to conquer your fears.

Public speaking is ranked as one of the top fears in American society. But public speaking is also one of the most inspirational and motivational devices in communication. How many times have you viewed someone giving a speech and went “I wish I could talk like that”, or “I wish I had the courage to do that”. At Toastmasters, we provide an outlet for you to do just that! With practice, evaluation, and a group of friends to help you along the way, you can grow and develop your skills in a safe and motivational environment. You will also have accomplished an achievement few will reach: you have conquered the fear of public speaking!

And these are only the beginning!